María Dolorés Amorós

María Dolores Amorós began to work at CAM as an administratitve officer in 1982, when she was 20 years old. In just 10 years, with no university degree, Amorós was promoted to head offices and became Juan Antonio Gisbert's right hand, getting a chair in the bank's board. Later, she graduated in business and economics. But she did not get her degrees until she became Roberto López Abad's deputy director in 2001.

In november 2010 she was named CAM's chairwoman, instead of López Abad. On July 22nd 2011, CAM was intervened by the FROB [Spanish Monetary Fund responsible for bail-outs] and Amorós was dismissed. Amorós lost the €10 million compensation, which she later claimed in court. Later, Amorós was charged on accounting forgery .

Amorós is being investigated by the Bank of Spain and has an open complaint to the High Court.