Aurelio Izquierdo

Aurelio Izquierdo came to Bancaja in 1988, at 27 years of age. In 2007 he became Bancaja's CEO. When Bancaja merged with Bankia, Izquierdo was named Business Director. When Parra was dismissed in October 2011 as Bank of Valencia's CEO, Izquierdo took his place until the intervention by the FROB in November 2011. In February 2012 he was appointed Bancaja's financial director.

Recently, El Mundo CV newspaper (6/05/12) published that Izquierdo created in October 2005 along with Domingo Parra the Commercial Investment Manager 1ZPA (the sum of the first syllables of both their names), which worked in administration and sale of stocks and shares for themselves. The latest economic data from 1ZPA refer to the years 2008 and 2009. In that period, the company obtained a €9.28 billion profit through the sale of financial instruments valued at €12.37 billion. The Bank of Spain is investigating former Bancaja's funding of this commercial activities.

Aurelio Izquierdo has a €15 million pension plan with Bancaja. Some media compared him to Zigic's signing by Valencia Football Club.

Bank of Valencia's General Shareholders Board approved on May 14th 2012 action of civil responsability against Izquierdo and the other board counselors picked by Bancaja.

Izquierdo is being accused by the magistrate of Valencia of corporate crime, froging accounts and unfair administration for the management of Bank of Valencia.